Before You Hop Aboard…

Can I/we go at our own pace?

Absolutely. George will always chat with you to understand how you want to do your tour and help you plan out your day so that you see the things you want to see. If you want to see all locations, George will ensure to leave time for each. However, if you would prefer to take the day at your own pace that is also no problem at all.

Are admission fees included?

Admission fees are not included in our tour packages, unless specifically stated. However, we would be glad to make any bookings on your behalf so please contact us to discuss.

Is there a level of fitness required to enjoy?

Most of our tours are suitable for all and we will advise if there are any locations that may be difficult to reach. Also, if you or any of your party have any medical or health conditions please contact us and we can discuss suitable arrangements.

Do i need to book my own accommodation?

You can book your own accommodation for any of our multi day tours however if you require any help or assistance in doing so please let us know and we will be more than happy to help. There is an option when booking our tours for us to arrange accommodation for you. 

Can I charge my mobile/devices on the tour?

Yes, we have charging cables within the minivan. 

If there are any further questions that you would like answered,

please reach out to us at info@lindsayshighlandtours.com


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